Dylan Wilson


Hi, my name Is Dylan Wilson. I am a freelance spiritual/visionary artist. Who works towards understanding meaning and questions to myself, and uses them with colors to express them. My works involve my deep meanings of philosophy and psychology. I ask myself a lot of questions when I look at the world around me and wonder what things means. Like my project High Hopes was a mirror image of the feeling of reflection, mindfulness, and growth. I created my works as a way of truth, love and entity to give back to people who feel lost. Over the years of my life of creativity, there were many phases I've gone through. As a kid anytime I'm given homework, or a test. I never been hesitated to keep drawing anything on paper that would come to mind. A tree, a house, people, bridges, cars, to etc.

My techniques to making my art are simple. I have a sketchbook that I have, so just in case I won't forget to put an idea down. Also, a way I've helped myself was performing a way of opening my Subconscious mind when I make my art. like to be very blunt about how I feel, and put the ideas down anyway. Music helps I play guitar as well, but also to do things, that I've never done before helps me come up with more ideas. It keeps my mind calm. So, my message about what my art is about, is growth and truth. Not just me as a person, but to others as well. The main focus is be calm. Let go, Chill