Alessya Shacher


This picture is a masterpiece! A masterpiece, this is why at first glance the soul hears the author. And inspiration pierces you. And you freeze in delight. Revelation disclosed by the artist in the canvas. For
some reason, the kid needed to go through the desert. Apparently, to his goal. How long did he go? What
troubles he had? What mistakes did he make? What was he afraid of? How did you beat yourself? This black boy is our civilization. Young, naive, not bright. And yet he came. When no one believed that he would come. When he saw no end to the ordeals.
Clean, bright space. Somewhere in the distance, the heat and suffocation of the desert loom. But from the picture, pure, crystal water flows directly onto the audience. And the mountain morning air fills the world.
The innocent son of lack of water touched his breath to the stream and was reflected in his smooth surface.
And a miracle happened. The young man met with for whom he made such a dangerous journey. The boy saw his reflection - the solar double. They are connected at the point of contact of the water and air. And flooded
the new river. To give life to a new humanity. The word «masterpiece» can be disliked by
someone... And you listen to this word. Something quiet and imperceptible. Loud statement on the exhale. Sound going to the future, the waves diverging along the plane. A masterpiece, something that is not immediately clear, is not striking. Then revealed loudly and confidently. And
remains in the soul for a long time.