Alexandra Kontaraki


Alexandra Kontaraki is a contemporary artist based in Chania, Greece.

She is passionate about bringing joy to people through her work and finds inspiration in the world around her. Alexandra’s artwork is distinguished by its vibrant colors. She believes that color is the star of any art piece, capable of conveying complex emotions and narratives.


Her love of travel and exploration has led her to draw inspiration from various cultures and civilizations, allowing her to infuse her work with a rich and diverse array of influences. For Alexandra, life is more beautiful when shared, and she strives to spread that beauty through her art.


She eagerly looks forward to exchanging ideas with fellow artists and enthusiasts, as well as continuing to explore the possibilities of ceramic art.


“My art is my secret garden in full bloom. When I enter my studio and start a new project, I feel the serenity of clay and dream of its potential. A completed art piece is an extension of myself.’’