Ayumi Ishizaka

Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1985

May "Viviful" overflow in your heart...in your ordinary life...


How much value do you think your smile is worth?

Are you smiling?

Does the person you want next to you smile?

What I can do, even though I have had so many unsmiling days, is to smile and tell you that you are worth more than anything.

Right now,

People who have painful and sad feelings,

People who have lost your confidence...

Incorporating the true charm of women,

"You are colorful and beautiful"

It also means that I want you to have a memorable experience,

I named it "Viviful girl". And, “Viviful girl” is an item that will make your life more “Vivid”…

For your own healing...

For the healing of the person next to you...

And for the healing of many people...

I started drawing illustrations on my own, influenced by Japanese culture such as anime and manga.

When drawing illustrations, I keep the facial expressions in mind.

  • Vivid girl illustrations
  • One's appearance from the back series that allows you to imagine the person's facial expressions
  • I draw a flower series that conveys the message that even though you can't see your charm by yourself, there are many flowers blooming like a bouquet.