Claudia Chang


My original name is Chang, Chi Yun(Chang Claudia).I am an artist who embraces the light of hope and who walks the line between aura and beauty. I define myself in such a way. This is because I had been thinking about what my self-worth was and what my painting style was. I do not know why I should paint for so long. Those questions bothered me so much and I almost got lost in life. Finally, I obtain the answers which confused me my whole life before during I stayed in Australia for four years. The three inseparable elements affect my painting skills: the cuteness and beauty of Japanese anime; the calmness and stability of Oriental ink; and the colorful and freedom of the western painting style. The three seemingly different painting styles are the nourishment for my growth, and so I have interwoven the above elements into my current style. After I understand my definition of the soul, my painting skill improved rapidly in a short time, as if breaking free from the cage that has held me captive for so long.  

In addition, the light is the other important element that affects my style. In my paintings, the audients can see curved lines in my paintings. This is because I got astigmatism; therefore, in my vision, I can see many dancing lines of light full of the world in front of me. As an artist, I think I should present the world in my eyes honestly. Also, the light represents hope, the divine, and faith. I believe god does not live the heaven far away; he stays in this natural world and connects everything in the world closely.

I believe different cultures, educations, and interests build up every person’s personality. The paintings are a way to demonstrate my thinking and personality. I hope the audients enjoy watching my paintings and like my paintings.