Ivan Wong


Ivan’s work is instantly striking. His fluent harmonious pallet of colors makes the viewer dream and wonder. Every painting has a story, which is well explained with great expression.  The sophisticated, professional technique projects perfectly the artist vision and brings every emotion behind story alive. In the works such as A Song Dynasty Symphony at Lai Yuen and Song Metropolis you can truly feel and see the musical harmony. He constantly improves his creative technique. Studying new ways and methods to integrate and combine traditional and technological methods. Effectively expressing stories in his works should be one of his key creative directions. The paintings of Ivan are like a well composed musical master piece.

Ivan Wong is an emerging artist born, raised, and based in Hong Kong. He is also a local advocate of the Artivive AR app in the Hong Kong region. His artistic creations combine art and innovative technology, utilizing AR as a medium to showcase dynamic oil paintings to his audience. He is known for his unique depictions of traditional Chinese historical stories and figures, infused with his personal emotions and creativity. To him, AR is like a time machine that can transport people back to ancient times. With his multifaceted background in traditional art techniques, animation production, and innovative technology, he has carved a unique path in his art journey that suits his abilities and passions. 


Ivan Wong graduated from the Queensland College of Art in Australia with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Design in 2006, and his time spent studying and working in Australia for eight years was a crucial starting point in his creative journey. In 2019, he earned a Master's degree in E-commerce from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and his exposure to various innovative technologies has opened up even more possibilities for his art. 


Wong's artwork has been recognized by numerous prestigious international art competitions and publications, including the Rome International Art Exhibition (2022, Rome), the Natural Art Exhibition (2023, New York), and Art Review Magazine (2023, Guangzhou), among others.