Lana Taher


Lana’s work bring the viewer an instant feeling of happiness and joy. A beautiful color pallet, shapes and expressions of beauty. Her technique is well placed in her own unique style. Reinventing new perspectives on the traditional techniques. She masters a wide ranges of media, such as Acrylics, oil, Gouache and watercolor.  Lana’s impressionistic and abstract work brings truly deep beauty of life to the front.  Lana’s work in your house or art collection brings the light in your life.

Lana was born and raised in Lebanon. She started drawing as a child, not knowing that her talent would become the key to her life’s passion the art world. Lana also participated in several national Exhibitions in Lebanon, including Sou4lebanon exhibition in 2022 which commemorated the memory of the victims of the August 2020 Beirut explosion. She participated in the “Thawra Charity Project” in 2020 to raise funds for people impacted by the crisis, spread awareness on the situation in Lebanon and help heal the suffering through spreading love and positivity through art. In 2018, Lana showcased her first painting at the Masrah Madina exhibition. Lana was also featured in the press and TV interviews.