Malgorzata Slaga

MAŁGORZATA SLAGA, born on May 1, 1976 in Żarki, Poland. 

Author's life motto: "Be an inspiration to yourself and by changing your life you will inspire others"

She discovered her passion for painting by accident. Less than two years ago, wanting to share the gift she discovered in herself, namely seeing balls of light that turned out to be vibration. The balls she began to see took on different colors and wanting to share this gift, she decided to paint them. Thanks to the crutches, I discovered that painting gives her great pleasure, puts you in a pleasant mood and is great fun. The main motif of the paintings are balls. Then came the painting of abstractions because it turned out that when I sat down to paint, my hand carried and painted various abstractions. Each painting, be it spheres or abstractions, is an expression of the author's sensitivity and passion for painting.

The author's dream is to inspire others to change their lives, to look for passion in themselves and to share this passion, because then life becomes light and pleasant and the world becomes more beautiful, full of joy and love.

Along with the emergence of the passion for painting, the dream of an exhibition of the author's paintings appeared. This is how a dream came true. The first public showing of the author's paintings took place during the art exhibition "Summer Vibes" at the Art Gallery Fulvia Steardo Fermi Santa Margherita Ligure in Italy. Two paintings "Faith Ball - Yellow Ball" and "Mindfulness Ball - Red Ball" were presented at this exhibition.