Miho Muto


Miho Muto was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She has loved drawing and making things since childhood and has been creating lace-like kirie art since 2009 and choshi art as well as pencil drawings since 2015. She has participated in national and international art exhibitions and has received numerous awards. Choshi art is made by stacking several sheets of paper with different colors and textures and then carving the stack with a paper carving knife. Referred to as paper sculptures, choshi art is loved for its three-dimensional quality and depth. At times, she creates works from a stack of more than 200 sheets of paper. Pencil drawings are created with pencils and an eraser. Fine details are expressed by using pencils of various darkness and adjusting the pencil grip strength. Lace-like kirie art is created by cutting a thin sheet of paper with small scissors. This art is loved for its lace-like delicate beauty. The same motif turns into a completely different artwork depending on the technique used. She hopes you enjoy those differences among her works of colorful threedimensional choshi art, flat black and white pencil drawings, and lace-like kirie art. She grew up in a rich natural environment and loves animals and nature. The themes of her works are often animals and plants. She tries to express the vitality and beauty of animals and plants by realistically expressing them through meticulous work. Her goal is to surprise, move, and soothe people with her works.