Natalya Largina

Natalya Largina

From Novosibirsk. Trained as a women's clothing technologist. Lived and worked in Moscow. Designer for textile interior design.

She started painting after moving to Turkey. Completed many courses. I studied with teachers. My favorite material is oil. I really love Monochrome. I think white and black contrast can express the whole range of feelings. Member of the Eurasian Art Union. Honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art. Member of the Union of Artists of Turkey SAKUDER. Participant in international exhibitions/competitions


Art Week.Ru. 1st, 2nd place

Art Awards bronze medal

Golden TIME UK 1st place (medal), 2nd place (diploma)

Golden TIME TALENT GRAND FINAL UK 2nd place (medal, diploma)

International exhibition/competition Africa/Cairo 3rd place"

International exhibition/competition “Great Copy” 1st place

International exhibition/competition “Flower Kingdom” 1st place

International exhibition/competition “Art Seasons” 2nd, 3rd place

International exhibition/competition “The Art of Still Life” 1st place