Nikola Cabadaj Art

Nikola Cabadaj Art

Nikola Cabadaj ( born 11 September 1991) is a Slovacontemporary artist who works primarily in abstract painting and structural painting. 

Nikola has been working on art all her life.

As a child, she sat in her father's studios and learned how colors worked. Her work gradually developed and today she mainly creates abstract paintings.

When painting, she creates differently structures on the painting, or paintings with the effect of gold, silver, or copper with a 3D effect. 

Nikola does not plan ahead or sketch, rather she works intuitively and with a rhythm.

“What colors feel right next to each other” improvisation is a large part of her process and she doesn’t know what the end result will be as her work is a response to what she is feeling in the moment. 

The greatest source of inspiration she found in the  nature, because Nikola lives and creates in the beautiful place of a national park between mountains.