Roniel Llerena


My creations are focused on reflecting everything that
worries me and surrounds me. I look for inspiration in my
personal experiences that are intertwined with the problems
and contradictions of the society where I develop. My work is
the result of a deep personal reflection that does not have a
single starting point, but is fed by the beauty and human
needs, the female figure, the ruined cities and their buildings,
ships as a symbol of change and transformation, the sky that
invokes transcendence and seascapes that carry my dreams,
energies and hopes.

As an artist, I always strive to surpass myself and look for
new ways to interact with the viewer, showing the living part
of my memories, so that the viewer can complete or
transform the work with his interpretation and admiration. I
describe myself as a constant perfectionist of my work to
which I feel extremely committed. Part of this creative process
and personal and professional evolution is closely related to
the teaching of art; of drawing and painting to others. This I
develop as part of a community workshop for young people in
the community who are nourished by my experience and
allow me to understand and interact with new realities.
Throughout my artistic career, I have been able to develop
and work with dissimilar materials, formats, techniques and
styles. However, surrealism has been my passion since it has
allowed me to build my own parallel world, alien to reality but
part of it, where I can create and transmit sensations about
the world around me.

My greatest aspiration is that my work can make people
reflect and contribute to break schemes, not only in Cuba but
also internationally. To occupy a place inside the spectators
and captivate them beyond social, religious and cultural
barriers is my imminent challenge.