Selin “Gökshin” Çinel

Selin “Gökshin” Çinel

My name is Selin “Gökshin” Çinel. I was born in 2001 on the first snowfall of February, the 20th in a town on the Northeastern shores of Turkey in the Black Sea Region. My family is a mixture of Turks of Central Asia and an ancient civilization of Greeks that reside in my small hometown, the Pontic Greek.

I was raised by my mother’s father whom I lovingly called ‘pops’ prior to his death on January 1st of 2023. He taught me art, understanding and passion for everything I’ve found myself to venture off into. He was my one true best friend.

I live with chronic mental and physical diseases and experience episodes that warp my perception of reality thus the world I see and feel is different from most which is more or less fueled by the grief I experience everyday since I faced a great loss.

My works circle my grief and the worlds I built to cope with the impending doom of the extreme sport that is being human; to love in spite of time, in spite of the winter that took my beloved.

May witnessing my journey guide you to love again, to feel again; to live a life full of love for what is lost and what has yet to cross your path.