Zirak Marker


“ Duende ” ~ the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person…
Painting gives purpose to my life and helps me find peace in imperfection.
It helps me to become the best version of myself and allows for silent introspection.
It makes me forget about the pain in this world and allows for me to see.
As in those few still hours of silenced peace, It helps to rebuild me.

I rediscovered my passion for painting & art through the lockdown
during the pandemic in 2020 and realised how therapeutic it was for
me. As a child, adolescent and family psychiatrist practicing for over
20 years I didn’t realise how mentally draining and stressful work
was becoming. Listening to traumatic events, losses and pain in
people’s lives made me understand the importance of living in the
moment, the impermanence of life, gratitude, introspection, letting
go, peace of mind and loving unconditionally in the absence of
Through my own journey of self discovery I finally realised that my
meaning and purpose to life was ~ Touching People’s Lives ~
In continuing to do so, I hope that I can express the same through
my art… sharing my pain and joys in experiences, my learning’s,
aspirations and resolutions through my family and friends…
Thank you for being part of my journey too.
Dr. Zirak Marker