Christina Zoi originates from Greece. She obtained her first pastel colors at the age of eight to unfold from there and then her artistic nature. She has attended for about three years a private tutorial painting, took Byzantine hagiography lessons, as also photography courses and pottery seminars. At the same time, she was making her own designs and colors, she organized her own studio and studied everything related to Art. While studying at the School of Fine Arts she had the opportunity to deal with other types of artsuch as sculpture, engraving and digital art.

She considers her works of art as her own body and spiritual extension. Her paintings are the result of the action of the artist itself, an inner self but also a living story. Art for Christina Zoi is a perception of the world beyond languages, colors of people, social classes, institutionalized situations and manipulative mechanisms.

Cristina Zoi




Medium: Oil & acrylic on canvas

Size: 100cm x 70cm


Title: Freedom

Medium: Oil  on canvas

Size: 120cm x 80cm


Title: Female I

Medium: Oil  on canvas

Size: 100cm x 100cm