Kenneth Blom is famous for his painting which depicts solitary figures in industrial and empty landscapes. Rendered in broad brushstrokes, these landscapes have a tendency to express moods and states of mind. Blom also draws inspiration from the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen by painting complexities of the human psyche conveyed by human relationships. The figures in his paintings are caught mid-movement, but their faces are blurred. “Their absence becomes more intrusive than their presence,” as Blom put it. The radicalness of his pictorial language, revealed in the alternation of flat and sinuous forms, in the expressive deformation of the human body, in the specific choice of the color palette, and in the symbolic use of architecture, call to mind the work of some of the most significant Masters of modern and contemporary painting such as Edvard Munch, Edward Hopper and of course David Hockney, routing him deeply into the contemporary art historical context.

Kenneth Blom