Rafaella Christoforou born in Cyprus in 1991, she studied BA (Hons) Fine Arts at University for the Creative Arts, before gaining her MA Curatorial Practice at UCA, where she has awarded with a scholarship. Rafaellais an ICR Recreate Scholar in 2014 of the UK and France. She has exhibited and curate group and solo exhibitions in Cyprus, United Kingdom, France, Dubai and in New York. The artist worked as an Academic Fine Arts Tutor at a college in Cyprus. From 2017 since todayshe is the Fine Art Tutor and Creative Director of the Atelier of Arts in Cyprus.

Rafaella’s creative background founded mostly,in contemporary art, some of her artworks can create a dialogue between conceptual, abstract and surreal art. Much of her works and exhibitions has a major discussion an exploration of the textual language in art both written and metaphorically. In both content and process of her art, is interested in the trouble and misunderstanding of language. The artist tends to paint the feeling of writing and the emotion of a letter by hand; she is focusing in the process of writing as much in the genesis of the new sometimes ‘creature’ but sometimes unknown.

The artist works in the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, metalwork, textual language, calligraphy, poetry although her artworks have spanned a variety of alternative media’s including film, live performances, 3D steel installations, kinetic installations, video art.

She defines herself ‘as the painter of writing and as the writer of painting’.As someone said, at this stage of her career, this is her greatest, more authentic and realistic obsession”in which the artist has…

Rafaella Christoforou



Title: "[Eye] Fuck you Covid-19"

Medium: Oils On Canvas

Size: 100cm x 120cm


Title: "The Genisis" Genisis series 2019

Medium: Oils On Canvas

Size: 50cm x 70cm


Title: "The Genisis" Genisis series 2019

Medium: Oils On Canvas

Size: 70cm x 50cm