World of Crete

VIFAF 2021 (v.1)

Virtual International

Fine Art Fair 2021

After our Demo presentation of Vifaf in 2018, we are ready to launch our new Virtual Exhibition with upgraded quality and interactivity. 2021 is going to be a step forward in Virtual reality Art Fairs, and this with the help of the Posterus 360 building.

The Fair takes place from 30th September until 21 October. With a physical opening gala at one of our luxury villas, this from 30 September until 8 October 2021

Application is open:

Intrested in Participating in this event? Galleries, Artists have send in their resume among with the works desired to exhibit. Our selection comittee will review your submission and get back to you with the offcial application form when accepted. Submission have to be emailed to

More information can be found at our press release.







Christophe Boch

Gallery Zum-Harnisch 

Thomas Maes

Ines Laith

Natalie Sobo

Sabine Windischbauer

Leni Acosta Knight

Gabriel Meiring

Aaliyah Ebrahim

Alison Aplin

Witold Suryn

Annabel Díaz Gil

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