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Our supporters are going to enjoy viewing international fine art, while we also provide eye candy with fashion, and enhance our atmosphere with music and fine dining. What makes our event unique is a luxury setting, where we are hosting a smaller group of art lovers, seeking to have intimate dialogue and one on ones with fine artist, and esteemed filmmakers. Exclusivity and quality guests who can appreciate and buy select works through our auction and in general will be in attendance. Peace is important , and art is the longest form of humanity where when we are no longer here, it remains. Therefore, through art and provoking dialogue we can eventually have peace, with an understanding and appreciation of culture .



Posterus360's Virtual Fair is a complete digital full HD 3D exhibition and trade fair complex. The architectural design contains real buildings with the highest quality, as well as futuristic classic parts, harbor for Yacht designers, aerospace and automotive spaces. The buildings can be placed in any city or country, giving as well a full 360 view of the surrounding locations. That way all the participants will have the opportunity of a worldwide exhibition. Where each building offers 8 halls of 5000m², harbor for 150+ yachts with a total of 60 000m² exhibition space, as well exclusive locations such as the moon and mars. We offer exclusive fine art, design, antique fairs and exhibitions.


Investment events, helps new and established visionary prospective companies raise funding and gain new opportunities. We offer towards startups and investment seekers the opportunity to connect with direct investors. This at our investment events, where you present your project or at our investment fair. Our annual events and gala's are as well perfect meeting points between investors and potential investments. High society and attendees, quality locations, international visibility and marketing, etc.

Kreta Events, brings you two-day events, including a VIP Gala Evening, live performances, investment opportunities as well as introduction of new companies from high-profile industries.


Our VIP Events, are exclusive Gala Events created with the highest care, including fine dinning, walking dinner, exclusive reception, famus performers all this taking place at very prestigious places, such as luxury Villas, Castles and other top tier locations.

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